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This website and these articles contain a few basic easy-to-understand financial truths that can form the basis of a sound plan for a great future. Young people are in an ideal position to make the most of their greatest advantages, time and compounding, but only if they know about them. Seventeen-year-olds are in an even better position because they have have not made the crucial, and costly, college financial decisions which will impact the rest of their lives.

I grasped my “youthful financial advantage” far later than I would have wished. It was only after 13 years of reading The Wall Street Journal that I accidentally came upon one single article about the power of compounding which changed my whole financial life. I find this pretty sad because I was an Accounting/Finance major in college, a corporate financial analyst, a stockbroker, and hold an MBA. I never learned this simple idea from all those years in the classroom or from my work experience.

I have shared this information with my children, now 24 and 26, who have made investing their priority. I sincerely hope that you can benefit, too.

–Sheryle Lengdorfer